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Tunnplan / Tunnvib: application to tunneling

TunnPlan is software developed for conventional tunneling. TunnPlan includes functionality from previous TunnVib that experience, planning and monitoring of tunnel operation is linked to a unified process.

The programs are developed and marketed in collaboration with Construction Data and the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at NTNU.

The calculations in the programs are based on empirical data collected by the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at NTNU. The calculations can also be supplemented or overridden with your own empirical data.

TunnPlan is a program for the construction of blast plans for conventional tunneling. Blasting plans include drilling, charging and firing schedule. The program allows for accurate and easy preparation of the blasting plan.

In addition, there is a program for the calculation and control of vibration by blasting conventional tunneling. TunnPlan is a tool to calculate and control the blasting vibrations for blasting underground.

TunnPlan has these main features:

drawing of cross section

placement of the holes on the line (for example, contour, contour and is located 2)

accurate and simple preparation of the blasting plan that includes drilling, charging and firing plan

construction of the charging and firing plan

estimate thresholds for vibration based on the Norwegian standard

estimate the vibration based on blast

using the measured vibrations to optimize blast

Opportunities and benefits of the use of the program:

borplaner constructed TunnPlan can be used in computerized jumbos with Beaver Control, Atlas Copco and Tamrock individual management system.

containing a forecasting model for the necessary drilling and guiding bormønster

with Ibaté’s model, the ability to calibrate and optimize the mobility plan by analyzing the vibration while drilling, charging, and firing schedule is made in TunnPlan. Distance (d), the maximum instantaneous charge (MIC) fluctuations (PPV) is the basis of regression analysis to estimate dempningskonstanten the mountain.



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